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Giving Back The Gift Of Sound

“Out of Many, One.” My vision for Oomo is similar to John Lennon’s in his song ‘Imagine’. A brotherhood of man, sharing all the world and the world will live as one. A world like the one in John’s dream may not be possible to achieve at this time in our history, but we can always work toward it. All of us can do something, however little, in making this world a better place, a brighter place for someone else.

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Our social contribution - Oomo sound

Your Contribution

“A percentage of each unit’s cost goes to providing hearing aids or surgery for the hearing impaired. Now, along with a reason to smile with pride, you have one more rationale to do so in contentment too!” .

Since one of the goals is to bring people together, We highly encourage you to provide whatever details you
are comfortable sharing, be it gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Of course, if you
wish to remain anonymous, we will always respect that.

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